Minko Stars

We are launching a special program called ‘Minko Stars’ to help a selected group of shop owners double their business.

How will we double their business?

Inventory management, Cash flow and capital management, Customer Success Management – These are 3 key pillars to the success of a retail business and large companies have access to tons of MBAs trained in these areas to run them efficiently.

The stand alone retailer who has been running his shop for a while also knows a lot of these concepts – It’s also referred to as ‘dhanda karna aana‘ or loosely translated as having business sense to run a business.


What we do is help shop owners get access to knowledge and training on new technologies and concepts by which they can serve existing customers better, and get new customers by word-of-mouth.

Take for example Whatsapp – There are a set of very powerful APIs released by Whatsapp which are currently being used by big businesses. However, the same technology can be used by small shop owners in Tier 2 and Tier 3 India to grow their business too via this flow:

  1. Taking orders via Whatsapp from local customers
  2. Deliver in 10 to 15 mins via their helper,
  3. Accept payments via Whatsapp or UPI

Like this, there are many ways we can help local shop owners become more customer focussed, use capital efficiently and double their earnings.

If you want to apply for the program, please click here

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